Merlin™ Mirage Series Military

Fail-safe Solar Power for Personnel and Vehicles

than Glass Systems

More Energy

In Real World Conditions

High Power Density

vs. Thin Film Technology

Flexible Panels that are 50X More Durable vs Standard Panels


  • Theater of War Deployment
  • Intended for Harsh Environments
  • Rapid deployment & re-deployment
  • Lightweight, foldable, compact and designed for easy storage
  • Power Command Centers, IT Equipment, and Electronics
  • Non-reflective Panels come in black and camouflage styles
  • Merlin technology yields higher energy & increased durability
  • Low weight and rugged, adaptability to numerous mounting solutions
  • Superior low-sun angle and low light
  • performance provide excellent energy yield
  • Bypass diodes allow for maximum
  • performance under shade conditions
  • Weather resistant package, sealed junction
  • Weather resistant package, sealed junction box and protective back sheet provide a long life, reliable and durable package

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