Merlin Grid Patented Technology – Flexible – Rugged – Lightweight - cSsi-PV
Trucks & Reefers
RV & Overland
  • Form, fit, and function to adapt to various roof contours
  • Military grade design, materials, and approvals
  • Rugged design for transportation to withstand harsh environments
  • Designed and engineered in USA
  • Thin, flexible, and lightweight solar panels
  • 50X more durable vs bus-bar technology
  • 20% more energy in real world conditions
  • 2.5X power density vs. thin film technology
  • Customer validated
  • Deployed on thousands of vehicles in North America & Asia
  • Fast and easy install
MERLIN Value Proposition
Increase Profits Reduce Risks Improve Quality of Service
Reduce operating expenses Reduce vehicle downtime Increase customer satisfaction
Increase per truck revenue Avoid missed delivery fines Improved driver safety and satisfaction
Reduce maintenance expenses Reduce towing $ from dead trucks Better sales enablement (meeting SLAs)
Increase Battery Life
Idle Mitigation
Alternator Load Relief

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