MerlinGrid Patented Technology – Flexible – Rugged – Lightweight - cSi-PV MODULES
Why Solar?
  • Enable Boondocking
  • Increase Fuel Savings
  • Enhanced auxiliary power (100W – up to 3KW)
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
  • Minimize noise & emissions
  • Minimize Maintenance Expenses
  • Extended battery life
  • Customer Validated
  • Deployed in North America,
    Australia, & Asia
  • Military-grade design and material
  • Designed and engineered in USA
  • Most rugged, lightweight panel on the market
  • 20% more energy in real world conditions
  • 80% lighter than glass modules
  • Highest power density and energy
    output per unit area
  • Boondocking
Our Stowables
  • Rugged, military-grade design and materials
  • Highest power foldable glass free module
  • Optimized efficiency under scattered light and extreme weather conditions
  • Minimalist and smart design
  • Easy to install and stow away
  • Proven resistance to moisture, water, and wind
  • 50X more durable than standard lightweight panels

Merlin Patented Technology Form, Fit and, Function Optimized for all Roof Designs

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