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Merlin Grid Patented Technology – Flexible – Rugged – Lightweight - cSsi-PV


Why Solar ?
  • Flexible panels with form, fit, and function to adapt to various roof contours
  • Reduce O&M Expenses
  • Extend battery life
  • Increase Fuel Savings
  • Reduce Auto-Start Events
  • Minimize roadside assistance cost for jump starts
  • Minimize engine idling
  • Minimize emissions
  • Driver Comfort, Safety, and Retention
  • Excellent Return-on-Investment numbers
  • Enhanced energy output under all light conditions
  • Rugged design for transportation to withstand harsh environments
  • Thin, flexible, and lightweight solar panels
  • Optimized system to maximize solar energy (Amp-hours) delivered to battery
  • Provide adequate auxiliary power for various electrical appliances
  • Maintain and extend battery life
  • Reduce operational cost with a Maintenance-Free Solar System
  • Minimize battery changeouts
  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Up to 50% additional runtime for smart HVac systems
  • Up to 50% additional cycles of Liftgate
  • Avoid expensive jumpstarts

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