What Are People Saying About Merlin™

I am very impressed by the panel performance, especially for a mobile unit. We have two XP170 foldable panels, which produce more than enough power to run all of our systems onboard.

Morgen Watson Skipper, Hermes @oceanracers

Merlin Solar’s foldable solar panels are perfect for our hybrid sailing needs. We can move them around the deck for the best sun exposure on anchor, or we can remove them completely while racing. They are so light and easy!

Meg Reilly Co-skipper, Hermes @oceanracers

We have 1kw of solar on our roof which feeds our house batteries and we recently added this foldable BXD95w panel from Merlin Solar to feed our starter batteries. Once the starter batteries are full, we have a battery separator that diverts excess power to our house batteries. With solar we’ve learned that any little extra helps. We store the extra panel under our bed and we’re very satisfied with not only the Merlin products but also with their customer service.

Aaron & Philan Simplyusandabus

I was so excited when I plugged it in and it started producing solar power on an overcast day and during a time that my normal 120W panel never produced solar power...Right now for example it has been working for about an hour, when the other panel I had didn’t work at all in these conditions. It wouldn’t work for another half hour, so it is clear to me that this panel is different and better.

Customer from Solar Advantage, AZ