Merlin Solar Technologies, like many of its Silicon Valley compatriots, was founded in a garage. The founders set out to fundamentally rethink the way solar panels were engineered with the goal of ubiquitous deployment. “To boldly go where no solar panel has gone before” remains the mantra of our company, having successfully deployed solar panels in some of the harshest environments. With panels in space, war zones, Norwegian fjords, Class 8 trucks, RVs, disaster recovery vehicles, autonomous ocean going drones, O&G Storage tanks, tensioned fabric canopies – in addition to traditional deployments – we seek to conquer new horizons.

The founders have a combined expertise of over 200 man-years in semiconductor, solar, photonics, flexible displays, and high throughput automation. This combination of expertise has resulted in a portfolio of 50+ international patents & delivered products that are acknowledged to be the best-in-class. Our lightweight, flexible, peel & stick, rugged, and high efficiency mono-crystalline panels are simultaneously incremental and disruptive. Together with our customers & partners, MerlinSolar™ is well on its way to make the world rethink what solar energy is capable of. We hope you will join us in making this mission a reality. Merlin Solar | Redefine Possible.​

We have an international footprint with manufacturing operations located in San Jose, Thailand, The Philippines, India and Japan.

Merlin™ intellectual property includes multiple key patents granted worldwide.

Merlin™ products enable renewable energy solutions for transportation, metal, and residential roofing, portable and wearable applications.

Ayala is the holding company of one of the largest and most diversified business groups in the Philippines with businesses in real estate, financial services, telecommunications, water infrastructure, electronics manufacturing services, automotive distributorship and dealership, business process outsourcing, power generation, transport infrastructure, and education.

Our strategy to “pioneer the future” of our businesses builds on our long-term industry experience, core values, and capabilities. We enter businesses that have potential for growth and add value to grow them into dominant market players. As a holding company, we give each business the independence, financial flexibility, and governance structure to compete in their respective industries.

Our alliances with key domestic and international partners, access to financial and capital markets, and prudent management practices have enabled us to take advantage of market opportunities to further enhance our enterprise.